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Spray Spray


Chemistry Applications Rockwell Hardness
Iron (Fe) Base Hardfacing Materials

P-Met 50 Fe 5.5Al 2C 1Mn Bond Coat, Anti-skid, Traction rolls 30-35C 35MXC
P-Met 223 Fe 26Cr 3Ni 1.7C 1.6Si 1.6Mn .8Mo Corrosion, Wear, Machinable 35-40C 98 MXC
P-Met 225 Fe 23Cr 5.5C 2MN 1Si Abrasion Reistance, Sand Pipes 55-60C
P-Met 226 Fe 28 Cr 1Si Abrasion Resistance, Aggregate Handling 55-60C SM 8222
P-Met 273 Fe 29Cr 3.7B 1.7MN 1.4Si Abrasion Resistance, Rolls, Boiler Tubes 55-60C 95MXC Armacor-M
P-Met 285 Fe 16V 6W 4C 1.5Si 1Mn .5Ni .5Mo Abrasion Resistance, Exhaust Fan Blades 55-60C
P-Met 295 Fe 30W 3Cr 2.5C .75Mo Abrasion Resistance, Exhaust Fan Blades, Rolls 60-65C
P-Met 296 Fe 23Cr 6Ni 3.5Mo 2.5B 2SI 2Cu Abrasion Resistance, Boiler Tubes 50-55C 96MXC Armacor-16
P-Met 297 Fe 26WC 13Cr 6TiC 6Ni 2B 1Si 1Mn Abrasion Resistance, Boiler Tubes 60-65C 97MXC Duocor
Iron Base Alloys

P-Met 709 Fe .8Mn .2Si .15C Economical, Bearings, Seating Surfaces 95-105B 30T LC-Steel
P-Met 710 Fe 19Cr 9.3Ni 2MN 1Si Corrosion Resistance, Print Rolls, Restoration 90-100B 80T 304-SS
P-Met 714 Fe .81C .7Mn .3Si Low Shrink, Shafts, Housings, Pistons, Fans 20-25C 38T HC-Steel
P-Met 720 Fe 13Cr 1Mn 1Si .33C Wear Resistance, Machine Elements 40-45C 60T SM-#2 420SS
P-Met 723 Fe 18Cr 5Ni 8.8Mn 1Si .15C Thick Coatings, Rams, Rollers 90-96B 55T SM-#5 18-5-SS
P-Met 730 Fe 17Cr 12Ni 2.5Mo 2Mn 1Si .02C Corrosion Resistance, Shafts, Print Rolls 90-100B 88T SM-#1 316-SS
P-Met 731 Fe 23.5Cr 5.3Al .7Si .45Mn Boiler Tubes, Dimension Restoration 85-90B Alcro
Nickel Base

P-Met 806 Ni .3Mn .15Cu Corrosion Resistance, Impellers, Sleeves 55-60B 06T
P-Met 818 Ni 19Cr 17Fe 3Mo 1Co .9Ti .6Al .51Cb +Ta Oxidation Resistance, Turbine Engines 25-30C 78T SM-8718 Inco-718
P-Met 821 Ni 20Cr 2.5Mn 1Si Oxidation Resistance, Machinable Coatings 85-95B 06C
P-Met 860 Ni 21.5Cr 9Mo 5Fe 3.6Cb+Ta 1Co .5Mn .5Si .4Ti .4Al Oxidation Resistance, Corrosion, Digesters 90-95B 71T SM-8625 Inco 625
P-Met 876 Ni 16Mo 15Cr 5Fe 4W Resistance to Reducing/Oxidizing Corrosives 30-40C 77T SM-8276 C-276
P-Met 884 Ni 20Al Bond Coats 60-80B 79B SM-405
P-Met 885 Ni 5Al Bond Coat, Turbine Engine Dimensional Build Up 62-85B 75B SM-8400
P-Met 886 Ni 21Cr 7Al Oxidation Resistance, High Temp, bond coats 75-85B 73MXC SM-8443
P-Met 887 Ni 22Cr 10Al 1Y Oxidation Resistance, Ceramic Undercoat 75-85B 76MXC
P-Met 888 Ni 5.5Al 5Mo Wear Resistance, Buildup of Steels 75-85B 74MXC SM-8447
P-Met 889 Ni 43.5Cr .7Ti Corrosion Resistance, Boiler Tubes 30-35C 45CT
Aluminum Alloys

P-Met 699 Al Corrosion Resistance, Electric Conductivity 60-65B 01T Metco-Al
P-Met 692 Al 5.2Si .8Fe .2Ti .05Mn Turbine Engine, Dimensional Buildup 70-75B 01S Metco-SF
P-Met 688 AL 12Si .8Fe .15Mn Turbine Engine, Dimensional Buildup 80-85B 01A
Copper Base

P-Met 599 Cu .7Sn High Conductivity, Electrical Components 35-40B 05T
P-Met 590 Cu 7Al .4Mn Housings, Bearings, Shafts, Bond Coats 62-68B 10T Spraybronze
Other Metals

P-Met 899 Mo Corrosion & wear, piston rings 15-20C 13T
P-Met 542 Sn 7Sb 3Cu Bearings 35 15T 04T Spraybabbit

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