Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray

Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray Equipment will Increase your profits.

The AT 400 is a twin wire electric arc system that has the lightest arc spray gun on the most reliable and lowest maintenance arc thermal spray system available!

AT 400 Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray System

AT 400 Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray System

Benefits of the Twin Wire Electric Arc Spray

Increase profits with lower maintenance cost

Twin wire electric arc spray systems are gaining in popularity. Our electric arc gun has no moving parts. The electric arc guide tips and the air cap are the only consumable parts in the gun head itself. The competitor’s 8830 and it’s derivatives have dozens of critically machined moving parts within inches of a 20,000 degree Fahrenheit electric arc. This is the dirtiest and harshest environment in the entire spray system. We were wondering why our competition puts some of the most important parts of the entire system in the harshest and dirtiest section of the arc system?

Increase profits with wire guide tips that have double the life of the 8830

Our patented wire guide tips are made with the purest copper alloys available with a precision fit design which allows rotation of the tips after they have worn. This design twin wire electric arc spray equipment allows you to rotate the tips 90 degrees after they have been worn doubling the life as compared to the 8830.

Increase profits with a lightweight fatigue reducing gun

The earlier twin wire arc spray equipment was heavy and cumbersome. Our 2 pound, light weight gun drastically reduces operator fatigue and increases operator productivity. The competitors 8830 gun weighs over 10 pounds and creates a fatigue problem for the operator. Let’s face it, there are many applications where it is easier to have the operator hand spray a part instead of programming a robot or traverser. The competitor has taken the position that all thermal spray operations should be a machine mount, thus eliminating the need for a light weight gun. I admire their marketing strategy to take an inherent weakness in their gun and turn it into what appears to be a benefit.

Increase profits with lower accident claims

How many operators file worker compensation claims because of back problems generated from heavy arc guns?

twin wire electric arc spray equipment

Wire Counter and Timer on AT 400

Increase profits by knowing exactly how much wire you use on each job

The AT 400 has a wire counter under the side panel protection cover that allows you to determine exactly how much wire you use and how long it takes spray a specific job. Not only are you able to accumulate exact costs on spray jobs in progress, it also provides you accurate data for bidding on future jobs.

High temperature enhances bond strength

Studies have shown that the bond strength from the twin wire electric arc spray is excellent due to the high temperature of the molten particles.

An electric wire feed system is more consistent than an air driven one

Other systems require compressed air to control the wire feed motor. The AT 400 uses the undeniably, more consistent electronic motor control system to consistently feed the wire to maintain the correct voltage and current.

Digital Meters give you superior ability to monitor and control your process

The AT 400 has digital meters that measure and display the voltage and current on a digital monitor. This also gives the ability to control the process from a remote location. The AT 400 allows manual operation for small jobs and allows digital control for the bigger jobs if you so choose.

Digitally encoded motors can be added to the AT 400 for completely automated systems; which is not possible with an air driven motor.

All rectifiers are not created equal

The AT 400 twin wire electric arc spray equipment is capable of 15 to 400 amps continuously at 18 to 40 volts. The 8830 can only supply a maximum of 350 amps.

The rectifier has optional running gear to make it portable within the shop. You have the option to remotely locate the wire control feed box from the rectifier.

We have a versatile spray pattern

The AT 400 is available with three air caps; the high velocity, the open, and the fan air cap. The high velocity is versatile in design where if a focused high-pressure spray pattern is needed, you just increase the air pressure. The 8830 has to offer an “Air Jet” option to make up for it’s limit on the spray pattern with its standard air cap. Additionally, you can get a fan air cap for the AT 400 that allows a wider pattern for the larger surface area jobs. Again, no tools required to vary the spray pattern. The open air cap allows you to spray a very rough texture coating for traction, gripping, and anti-skid applications.

We have the capability of using different wire sizes

The standard gun head has the ability to use 14 ga (.062″, 1.6mm) or 11 ga (.09″, 2.3mm), or with an optional gun head we can use 8 ga (.125″, 3.2mm). The difference in spray rates is dramatic, for example, with zinc wire, this gives the ability of spraying from 20 pounds per hour up to 60 pounds per hour

System Operation

A twin wire electric arc wire thermal spray system uses an arc created between two wires to generate heat from the high current of the arc. This is the heat source, with an estimated temperature of 20,000°F, to melt the material to be sprayed.

The material to be sprayed is in the form of two wires that are fed together with the wire contact guides inside the gun. Once it is melted in the arc, the liquid metal is atomized with compressed air that is injected around the arc. The atomized molten metal now forms a columned stream, similar in appearance to a spray paint pattern, except this is molten metal. The molten stream of metal is deposited on the component to be coated at a thickness of .0005″ (.0127mm) per pass to .003″ (.0762 mm) per pass.

The variation of thickness per pass is dependent on the material being sprayed and the amount of heat build up on the part being coated.

Approved Distributor for Thermach

Thermal Spray Depot is an approved distributor for Thermach. At one time, there was a group called the Miller Thermal Group. That original division of Miller was sold and eventually moved to another state. The original design and production teams from Miller stayed in Wisconsin to become the independently owned Thermach, Inc.

System comparison

The standard system is complete and gives the capability for most applications. If you want to be ready for any job, take a look at the Job Shop Profit Plus system. This gives the capability of applying very smooth coatings right through to extremely rough coatings used for gripping applications. We include the internal diameter gun for taking care of coating bores down to 4-inch diameter.

Job Shop Profit Plus
Standard Lightweight Handheld gun yes yes
Machine Mount Capable yes yes
400 Amp Constant Current Rectifiers yes yes
10 foot coaxial cables and hoses yes yes
14 gauge yes yes
VK Gripmaster Drive Rolls yes yes
Advanced Polymer Liners yes yes
Double Life 90° Twist Wire Guide Tips yes yes
Standard Air Cap yes yes
Easy Roll Running Gear yes yes
Spares Package
20 Wire Guide Tips yes yes
High Temp Composite Retainer Guide yes yes
2 Wire Guide Coaxial Cables yes yes
2 Polymer Cable Liners yes yes
Spare Standard Air Cap yes yes
High Velocity Air Cap yes
Open Air Cap for Gripper Application yes
Fan Air Cap yes
24″ Long 90° Angle Extension Gun yes

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