Interview with Bob Unger, Part 2 of 2

Interview with Bob Unger, part 2 of 2.

Innovating the Future of Thermal Spray Wires with Bob Unger and Thermal Spray Depot

In our ongoing series of insightful discussions, we recently delved into the fascinating world of thermal spray wires with industry veteran Bob Unger. This segment, a continuation from our last conversation about the history of TAFA and its pioneering contributions to the industry, focuses on the nuanced world of thermal spray wires – their manufacturing, application, and evolution.

The Art of Crafting Thermal Spray Wires

Bob Unger’s expertise in thermal spray wire technology is unparalleled. At Thermal Spray Depot, we’ve always valued the intricate process of creating these essential components of our industry. Bob elaborates on the differences between solid and cored wires, emphasizing how cored wires offer a unique flexibility for innovation. Unlike solid wires, which are restricted by existing alloy compositions, cored wires can be custom-made in small quantities, allowing for rapid experimentation and adaptation to specific applications.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with cored wires is the ability to engineer solutions tailored to unique challenges. For instance, Bob discussed the development of a specialized wire for boiler tube coatings – a composite of Inconel 625 and Boron Carbide. This innovative creation exemplifies the potential of cored wires in producing coatings that combine exceptional corrosion resistance with high hardness.

Inside Diameter Coatings: A New Frontier

At Thermal Spray Depot, we’re currently collaborating with Bob on pioneering inside diameter coatings for hydraulic cylinders using custom-designed wires. This project underscores our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the industry and our capability to produce wires in small batches for such specialized applications.

A significant part of our conversation revolved around the critical aspects of wire quality that impact thermal spray processes. Bob explained the importance of surface finish, cast, and helix in ensuring consistent wire feeding in spray guns. The meticulous process at Polymer, where Bob currently works, guarantees that each wire meets the highest standards for smooth operation and optimal coating results.

Collaboration and Innovation: The Core of Our Business

Our long-standing partnership with Bob Unger and Polymer exemplifies the collaborative spirit of Thermal Spray Depot. Over the years, our joint efforts have led to significant advancements in thermal spray wire technology and solutions for our clients. We’re proud of our history of minimal returns and high customer satisfaction, which speaks to the quality and reliability of the products we offer.

For anyone eager to learn more about thermal spray wires, their applications, or if you’re interested in discussing a special formulation or development project, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us at Thermal Spray Depot at 724-229-5791 or email We’re here to assist with your thermal spray needs and to explore new frontiers in coating technology together.