Powder Flame Spray Process

The Powder Flame Spray process is a thermal spray process.  This technique is also know as the Combustion Powder process. The a metallic or non metallic powder, melts it, atomizes it, and sprays it.

Heat is generated by using a combustion able gas and oxygen to create a flame.  The flame can be anywhere from 3500 °F to 6000 °F, depending on the fuel gas used and the parameters selected. The common fuel gases used are acetylene, propane, propylene, hydrogen, and natural gas.

Pressure regulators and gas flow meters are used to control the specific parameters.  Controlling coating variables is required to produce consistent coatings.

Typical powder flame spray torch

PowderJet 85 Powder Flame Spray Torch

Typical Powder Flame Spray Torch

The powders used must be in a specific size distribution range for the given equipment used and the composition of the powder.