Alternative to Metco and Praxair

Alternative to Metco and Praxair

Nearly 20 years ago we founded Thermal Spray Depot with one main supplier for equipment and materials. That created a problem since we did not have a complete portfolio of the best of class of thermal spray equipment, parts, powder, and wire. Our competition was Sulzer Metco and Praxair Tafa. They had a more complete offering compared to what we had.

Today that is different……

……….we are in a different place.

We are the alternative to Sulzer Metco and the alternative to Praxair Tafa.

Over the last 15 years, Thermal Spray Depot has partnered with over 12 suppliers to give us a complete portfolio of new equipment, used equipment, powder, and wire.

Often times our current customers know exactly what they need, and we can supply them with alternatives to Sulzer Metco (Oerlikon) and Praxair Tafa. What we are finding is that we have a core group of customers who were fed up with calling in and talking to an order desk with people who are highly efficient at looking up part numbers and prices….

…..but, can they answer questions about thermal spray?

Sooooo, when we start with a new customer or a new application –

We try to start with questions like:

What is your application?

What are the material properties that you require of the applied coating?

Once we know that, we would help you select the best material for the job. We then determine if it is available in a wire or a powder.

Now we know which equipment to start evaluating. The form of the material and the end material properties will dictate what thermal spray system is suitable for your application

Now we ask:

What is the part you want to coat?

What are the overall dimensions of the part to be coated?

What are the dimensions of the area to be coated?

What is the thickness of the coating that is required?

Once we know this, we can now start determining how you will hold the part, how will you handle the torch, what size room you need, what size dust collector, how much automation makes sense……

You get the picture, there is a lot more to a complete thermal spray process then just the thermal spray system. Today you have to think of it as a thermal spray cell with a process that is consistant and reproducible.

That is where Thermal Spray Depot departs from the competition, we help you think process and your return on investment.

We have created partnerships with our suppliers so we can offer what we think is the best solution from multiple suppliers. Since we integrate the solution, we pick the correct accessories.

You will not get that level of service from an inside sales person alone.