Plasma Gun Parts

Plasma Gun Parts

We have a complete line of plasma gun replacement parts for the Sulzer Metco 3MB, 7M, and the 7MB and the Miller/Praxair/Thermach SG 100 plasma guns. The main replacement parts are listed below, drop us a email at or call 724-229-5791 for any other parts that you require.

All of our plasma gun parts are made on CNC machines in the United States, non of them are made overseas.

Sulzer Metco Plasma Guns

3MG525B 7M7-G 9MB7-G
3MG530B 7M7-GE 9MB7-GE
3MG531B 7M7-GH 9MB7-GH
3MG532B 7M7-GP 9MB7-GP
3MB63 7M63 9MB63
Front Insulators
7M50 AR 9MB50 AR
7M55 Nit 9MB55 Nit
Rear Insulators
7M166 9MB166
Water Channeling Head
7M15 9MB15

Thermach – Miller Thermal – PraxAir

SG 100

Anode Cathode
2083-730 1083A-720
3083-145 1083-129
2083-100 1083A-104
2083-335 1083-112