Aerospace Approvals

Thermal Spray Wire Listing by Aerospace Approval

We have aerospace approvals for our thermal spray wires., See the listing in the chart below.  Pratt and Whitney, General Electric, Honeywell, and mill spec approvals are listed in the chart.

We provide certifications tot he specifications listed in the table. They meet the stingent aerospace requirements.  We use this same approach for all the wires we manufacture at our plant in Cincinnati OH.

Chemistry PWA GE Honeywell
P-Met 688 Al 12Si PWA 36935    
P-Met 692 Al 6Si     Honeywell FP5045 Type VIII, Aluminum-Silicon / Mil-W-6712C, Table II Silicon Aluminum
P-Met 818 Inconel 718   B50TF202  
P-Met 885 Ni 5Al PWA 36937 GEAE C07-042 for GESPM 70-49-38, B50TF56S11/CLA (Chem. Only) Honeywell FP5045, Type XV Nickel
P-Met 886 Ni 19Cr 7Al PWA 36947 GEAE C07-043 for GE SPM 70-49-39, B50TF119-S11/CL D, CFMI CP6037 for 70-48-15 Honeywell FP5045, Type XVIII, Nickel
P-Met 888 Ni 44Cr 1Al     Honeywell FP5045 Type XVI
P-Met 899 Molybdenum PWA 36913C for PWA 271-13 Rev H,   Honeywell FP5045 Type I, Molybdenum

The standard size is 1/16″ (1.6mm) on spools, other sizes are available.  If you have other wire requirements, please contact us to see how we can help you. We often can ship the same day.