Combustion Wire

Combustion Wire System

A combustion wire system uses a combustible gas mixed with oxygen to create a flame outside of the spray gun of approximately 5500° F. This is the heat source to melt the material to be sprayed. The material to be sprayed is in the form of a wire that is fed into the center of the flame where it is melted.

Once it is melted in the flame, the liquid metal is atomized from a combination of the pressure from the flame and compressed air that is injected around the flame. The atomized molten metal now forms a columned stream, similar in appearance to a spray paint pattern, except this is molten metal.

The molten stream of metal is deposited on the component to be coated at a thickness of .0005″ (.0127mm) per pass to .003″ (.0762 mm) per pass. The variation of thickness per pass is depended on the material being sprayed and the amount of heat build up on the part being coated.

WireJet 98 and 96

The WireJet 98 is a direct replacement for the Metco 14E.

This gun is designed for standard metal and alloys. There is an optional high speed set of gears to convert the gun for low melting point alloys; such as aluminum, babbitt, tin, and zinc.

The WireJet 96, a direct replacement for the Metco 12E.

The only difference is that it has the wire feed control switch is on top of the gun instead of on the handle as a thumb switch. The thumb switch lends itself to one hand operation after the gun is lit.

A complete Thermal Spray System:

WireJet 96, direct replacement for Metco 12E

Combustion Wire System


The complete system includes the combustion wire gun complete in a metal case, gas flow meters, air flow meters, air trio, gas regulators, flash back arrestors, and a wire stand. When you purchase the complete system from us we include a set of free hoses.

PPS -2GF and PPS-2AF





The PPS-2GF will control oxygen and fuel and is required to control the flow of gases for the WireJet series and the PowderJet series of guns. It is a direct replacement for the Metco 2GF. The standard system is configured to use acetylene and oxygen, optional hardware is available to use propane, propylene, map, or natural gas.

The PPS – 2AF is an airflow meter designed to control the airflow to the WireJet Series of guns, it is a direct replacement for the Metco 2AF.



Air Trio


The Air Trio is designed for the WireJet series gun, it has a particle filter, water trap and air pressure regulator built into one unit. There is an additional quick disconnect for cooling air jets or other auxiliary compressed air requirements.

Wire Stand

Wire Stand

Our wire stand handles both 1/8″ and 3/16″ open coils of wire eliminating the need for spools. It has a built in wire straightener that allows smooth wire feed into the WireJet.

We have a video training guide available that gives step by step video of taking the complete gun apart and putting it back together. It also demonstrates the sequence to light the gun and spray metal.

The standard wire size is 1/8″ (8 ga., 3.2mm), with different drive rolls and nozzle, you can also use 3/16″ (5 ga., 4.7mm); .091″ (11 ga., 2.3mm); and .057″ (15 ga., 1.4mm) wire as an option.

Wires Available

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Zinc
  • Metcoloy #1 (316 SS)
  • Metcoloy #2 (420 SS)
  • Metcoloy #5 (18-5 SS)
  • Spraybronze AA (Al Cu Bronze)
  • Spraybronze TM (Zn Cu Bronze)
  • Spraybabbit (Tin Antimony Babbitt)
  • Bondrite (405)
  • specially formulated nickel aluminum for the maximum bond strength, replaces both 405-1 and 405NS

Complete Line of replacement parts

Direct Replacement for Metco 10E, 12E, and 14E

Air Cap with a silver finish

Air Cap

Nozzle with a copper finish


Siphon Plug

Siphon Plug